Medical Social Services ​renders assistance related to patient's medical concerns, community referral services to alleviate the social emotional, environmental and financial factors affecting the patient's well-being.

Home Health Aides assist patients with activities of daily living that covers personal care like bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, home environmental safety, therapeutic exercises and related activities are included under the supervision of skilled nurses and/or physical therapist.

Skilled Nursing Care performs initial assessment, thoroughly, and comprehensively, in the privacy of patient's immediate resident. Develops care plan and follow-up visits until optimum recovery of patient is attached.

Physical Therapy ​evaluates patient's movement system, develops treatment plan that covers home exercise program, appropriate use of patient education, functional limitation and endurances, until maximum recovery is achieved.

Occupational Therapy develops patient's training program to regain and maintain the skills necessary for health, productivity, and independence in everyday life.

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​Our Services:

Dietician evaluates current diet and provides counseling for daily nutritional guidance that will promote healing and health maintenance.

​​Speech Therapy evaluates defects in patient's communication, disorders in speech and swallowing functions. Develops therapeutic exercises up to the optimum level possible.